Who We Are

CreativePickle is a creative agency in Austin, Texas. We’ve been creating high-quality branding, graphic design, and custom websites for a diverse group of clients since 2001.

We help our clients craft and tell their story through digital campaigns, animated infographics, conference materials, illustrated videos, books, brochures, and any other avenue imaginable. Our clients vary widely, from non-profits to healthcare companies, real estate developers to growing law firms, retail to public projects. We love helping our clients add to their bottom line, or make a difference in our community, or our world.

We are laid back, friendly, fun-loving, energetic, creative people. But we are also professionals who take business seriously. We return phone calls, text you back, and meet deadlines. We know how to listen to your needs, understand your market, and collaborate with you to turn ideas into compelling stories and help you put your best foot forward.

Andrea Wofford
Senior Designer
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Ben Pickle
Senior Developer
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Dorie Pickle
Managing Director
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Jodi Egerton
Project Manager
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Kim Hudson
Graphic Designer
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What Makes
Us Different?

When you are choosing a creative agency to work with, you have a lot of different paths you can take–from large but inflexible agencies to free online vendors or apps. Finding the best fit for you and your company or organization is key to success.

We believe that the people involved in a project make the biggest difference. With our passionate, capable, experienced, reliable team, your project will be smooth, effective, and fun to boot. Our projects end with high-fives and celebratory cookies, not finger-pointing and frustration. That’s the CreativePickle standard.

How Can We Help You?
Brand Vision & Storytelling

The most effective way to engage your market is to tell a great story. To tell your story in the best way possible, you need to work with creative people and modern tools. Along with our copywriters and PR partners, we work with you to envision and develop your custom brand, and then relay your message by helping you tell your story using the perfect combination of professionally designed graphics and great copy. Whether it’s an online campaign, a custom website, email marketing, event materials, animated infographics, or custom videos, we’ve got you covered.

Experience-Based Consulting

We believe that a large part of our job is to ensure that your print and web products are impressive, and are easy for your market to digest. Your brochures, tradeshow booths, websites, videos, and other products should perfectly convey the culture and best qualities of your business and your brand. To do this, we consult with you about your goals and get to know you, your brand, and your business. We combine that with our extensive knowledge of current design trends, information organization, and optimal user experience design to create products that are as functional and useful as they are beautiful.

Responsive Communication

In an ideal world, a creative agency should be responsive and communicative throughout a project. However, we have found that many of our clients come to us after less-than-satisfactory dealings with other agencies, and their main complaints are that communication was difficult, projects got stalled, deadlines were missed, and responses to requests were slow or lacking. We efficiently and effectively manage projects by maintaining open lines of communication throughout the project process, and responding in a timely manner to all requests.

Custom Design

We start with a blank canvas—from scratch—every time. We get to know you and your business so we can translate your branding into professional and impressive products. We have a variety of artists and designers and we strive to make each of our designs unique and handcrafted. We want users not only to engage with your brand and product, but also to love them. From texture and pattern to font and color, we custom create each pixel of your branding, print products, and websites with creativity and exacting attention to detail.

Long-Term Partnerships

We pride ourselves on developing lasting partnerships with our clients. We are invested in the success of your company and the role that your branding and graphic presence plays in that. We want to be at the table with you as a valued part of your business on an ongoing basis for planning, goal-setting, and implementing all of your branding and marketing needs. From start-ups to well-established brands or brands transitioning through mergers or acquisitions, we can grow with you and your changing business needs.


We work with our clients in a variety of ways. Each project and business is different and requires a unique approach. We are flexible and nimble in how we work with you, whether it is a one-time project, or an ongoing partnership at the table with you as you plan and grow. We offer a variety of monthly partnership plans to accommodate your scheduling and budgeting needs.

We Love What We Do, And We Do It Right

We focus on nurturing long-term partnerships with clients who value great ideas, creative thought, and professional design. Our team is composed of creative, talented, experienced, skillful, and dependable people.

Featured Work
Candlelight Ranch

This Texas-based nonprofit had outgrown their old website, and needed a whole new scalable web platform as they serve a larger and larger need in their region. After a quick logo refresh and new brand standards, we custom designed and custom built a full-scale website that helps them manage events, promote their programs, take online donations, and promote involvement. Rack cards, business cards, event invitations and HTML emails were designed to match for a consistent and professional look.

Vela | Wood Law Firm

This growing law firm based out of Dallas and Austin, Texas, came to us at the beginning with a unique vision and a lot of gumption. We helped craft a brand that reflected their vision of innovation and outside-the-box thinking. Over the past ten years, working in close collaboration with their lead partner and in-house marketing director, we have helped build a robust brand that is an ever-evolving but consistent reflection of their culture and their expertise. From podcast cover art to 10th anniversary event branding to an interactive blog, we’ve helped them have the appropriate platform to be industry thought leaders with the tools to succeed.

Austin Wealth Management

Austin Wealth Management had the raw ingredients of great service, a fantastic client-focused business, and roots in the Austin community. But their branding needed an energy boost, and their website needed structure and style. After a brand refresh with a newly polished logo, we custom designed a full website with animated infographics and other bells and whistles in addition to traditional print pieces and ongoing support.

Rosemark Properties

Rosemark Properties is a new subdivision development in Austin, Texas, attracting local families as well as investors. The developer came to us with the name, and we branded it from the ground up with a fresh, modern-but-classic vibe. The logo makes for distinct, professional signage and the one-page website has a variety of custom graphics plus multiple robust sections with engaging animations and micro-actions that subtly engage the user to see what happens next.

Affiliated Dermatologists

Affiliated Dermatologists came to us as they were expanding into multiple locations, and needed a brand update and an online presence to help stage them for growth and build patient retention. After updating their logo, we designed a custom website with an extensive patient resources section, detailed location information, as well as robust providers and services sections. In addition, we rounded out their branding with printed materials and office signage for a consistent and comprehensive overhaul.

Ryan Law

Ryan Law came to us with an existing logo, but without a fully developed brand. They wanted their products to showcase the level of specialized and competitive work they offer. We built a stunning new visual presence around the existing logo resulting in a full, sophisticated, and unique brand.

Smart New You

Smart New You is a growing cosmetic and wellness services company in Dallas, Texas, who came to us with a desire to update their materials with a more polished, sleek, and high-end look. Through a total rebrand and graphics overhaul, we elevated their brand to appeal to their sophisticated clientele. Collaborating with their in-house marketing team, we built a beautiful and user-friendly custom website plus helped secure traction with ongoing blogging, targeted campaigns, and social media marketing.

Association for Creatine Deficiencies

This Austin-based nonprofit came to us with an existing brand that needed to be polished and enhanced. After a logo redesign and branding work, we consulted with them on their existing website design, and added to their marketing efforts with a custom-designed animated video presentation, custom t-shirt designs, infographics, brochures, and tradeshow booth designs.

Eckert Insurance Group

Eckert is a local-favorite, family-owned insurance agency that came to us for a custom look that matched the owner’s vision. After some information architecture and user experience planning, we custom designed this website from the ground up with cool animations, custom fonts, and an authentic Austin vibe.

Rays Spirits

This fun new spirit needed a custom and unique website to compete in the tight drink & beverage market. We custom crafted a new website that showcases their refreshing new drink in a memorable but clutter-free design.

Get in Touch

Ready to get to work? We’d love to talk to you about how we can help. Email us directly at info@creativepickle.com or use the form below, and we’ll be in touch.

Andrea Wofford
Senior Designer

Andrea Wofford is CreativePickle’s Senior Graphic Designer. She has over 16 years experience producing fresh, original work that reflects her clients’ aesthetics and meets their professional goals.

Andrea excels at branding identity projects, including logos and related print products. In addition, she is highly skilled in web design, including fluency with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and XD. She is always on the lookout for new technologies and design trends to elevate the user experience.

Andrea joined CreativePickle in 2008 and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Multimedia Journalism with a focus in Web Publishing. A lifelong Texan, Andrea lives in Austin with her husband, son, and loyal Schnoodle, Beatrice. She loves horror movies and typography, and probably has way too many shoes. 

Ben Pickle
Senior Developer

Ben Pickle is the Senior Web Developer and Principal with CreativePickle. He has more than ten years of hands-on, always evolving web development experience. Ben is highly proficient in CSS/HTML, JQuery, and WordPress/PHP customization.

Ben’s attention to detail and natural creativity have made him one of the best developers in the business. He is also able to break very technical things down for non-programmers, making the rare combination of a professional with expert-level technical abilities and the ability to communicate with our clients and our team in plain English. Ben is dedicated to keeping his code forward-looking, clean, and highly organized. 

Ben has served at CreativePickle as a consultant and freelance developer since 2001, and joined the company full-time in 2007. Ben holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and a Master’s degree from Texas State University. In his spare time, Ben likes running, playing guitar, swimming at Barton Springs, and eating tacos. Ben lives in Austin with Dorie and their two boys.

Dorie Pickle
Managing Director

Dorie Pickle is CreativePickle’s Founding Principal and Managing Director. With roots in the frenzied dot-com boom in Austin, Dorie started CreativePickle in June 2001.

Dorie is a big-picture thinker, with real-world, hands-on experience managing the creation of hundreds of brands, websites, and graphic materials. Dorie works with clients to help create a vision for their brand, and implement that vision from the ground up as a partner at the table.  She has spent the past several years assembling an experienced and highly effective in-house team as well as a broad network of skilled partners with talents to suit all client needs. Under her leadership, CreativePickle has grown to become one of Austin’s best creative design agencies. 

Dorie enjoys meeting with clients and speaking at conferences about tech trends, building brands, and digital marketing.

Dorie is creative, reliable, and loves her work and her clients. Dorie has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Texas at Austin. In her spare time, Dorie loves star-gazing, running, yoga, and campfires. She lives in South Austin with Ben and their two boys.

Jodi Egerton
Project Manager

Jodi Egerton is the Project Manager at CreativePickle. She joined CreativePickle in 2015 and has over a decade of project management experience at small web design companies and independent schools. She thrives on creating systems for smooth teamwork and effective communication. Jodi collaborates with CreativePickle’s clientele regarding print and web projects, helping move projects from beginning to end through our well-established creative process. Jodi makes things happen and sees projects through to completion. And, she serves the important role of taking care of internal business, solving problems (both professional and personal), and is as enthusiastic as a person can be about organization and systems that work. 

 Jodi has a Ph.D. in English Literature from the University of Texas. With her husband Owen Egerton, Jodi co-wrote the creativity and writing craft book This Word Now. Jodi moonlights as a wordslinger for Typewriter Rodeo, crafting custom poems on vintage typewriters at all kinds of events–from the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, to the beach in Cabo San Lucas, to Willie Nelson’s ranch in Luck, Texas. Jodi and Owen live in Austin with their two kids and rambunctious puppy.

Kim Hudson
Graphic Designer

Kim Hudson is a Graphic Designer at CreativePickle.  She joined the team in 2017 with more than eight years of professional graphic design experience. She enjoys creating high-quality and well-designed branding and graphics, while paying close attention to detail. Kim plays a critical support role at CreativePickle by helping with everything from logo design to truck wrap layout, as well as print management and setup. Kim has Bachelor’s degrees in both Graphic Design and Business Marketing from Colorado State University.

Kim grew up in Colorado and moved to Austin shortly before joining the CreativePickle team. She is a world traveler and is always up for a new adventure. During her free time, you can almost always find her outside. She loves running, paddle boarding, skiing, and spending time with family.